Jack Vale is an American actor and producer who is best known for creating hidden camera prank shows. He began uploading pranks on YouTube in 2007 and the worldwide success of these videos led to his full-time career in entertainment.

After various production companies licensed his prank clips for their TV shows, he was contacted by Dick Clark Productions to produce and star in a new season of “Bloopers” with regular host, Dean Cain. The show lasted 40 episodes. About 2 years later he and his family signed a deal with Relativity Media for their own reality show which aired on HLN for 1 season. Jack co-produced the series. Recently, he worked with legendary producer/director Peter Farrelly to create a new scripted TV show which was picked up by Fox. Jack is now developing a new prank show for Opry’s new TV network “Circle” which is expected to be airing later this year.

Jack lives with his family near Nashville, TN and has multiple TV and film projects in development. He is now producing (and starring in) several dramatic and comedic films in the family and faith-based genres. He is also one of the most watched comedians on the Internet with over 3 Million fans on his social media platforms and more than 5 Billion video views worldwide.

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