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The first thing you should know about me is that I’ve been married for nearly 2 decades to the mother of my 5 children. After all these years, I know a little bit about marriage but still nothing about women. And now here’s the nutshell version of how I got caught up in all this comedy craziness.

One day (in 2007) I told my wife I had an idea for a product that would make the most authentic fart sounds in the world. She smiled, wrapped her loving arms around me and said “Oh honey, that’s why I love you. You’re a genius”. Actually, that may or may not have been her exact response. I would tell you how it really went down but there might be kids reading this. Just kidding folks! In the end she was supportive and after developing this new fun toy I called “The Pooter”, I started uploading prank videos on YouTube. They took off and luckily for me, people seemed to enjoy watching a guy fart in public. I ended up licensing some of my videos for various TV shows and now all of a sudden I wasn’t just doing it on YouTube to sell my “Pooters”, I was uploading all sorts of prank videos doing all kinds of crazy things. 

Fast forward to now, I have produced nearly 50 episodes of TV as well as starred in them! I also have some new TV shows in development right now. My videos have been featured on tons of networks, my “Pooter” has been used on several shows and I have over 1,000 videos on YouTube which have been seen more than 300 MILLION TIMES! There is a book coming soon, a couple of movies as well as some other fun stuff I can’t wait to tell you about! Most importantly, of all my accomplishments, my favorite is being a Dad.

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I grew up watching a TV show called “Little House on the Prairie” and to this very day, it remains my all time favorite TV show. At the time, I think we had about 6 channels to choose from. When I was a kid, the reason I watched it was because I wanted my dad to be Michael Landon (the actor who played the father and who was also the creator of the show). The reason I love it now, is because I miss the days when families could watch TV together.

As a Father of five, this is more important to me than ever. To be honest, I think there are a lot of better things to do together as a family than watch TV. However, let’s face it, we probably aren’t going to stop watching TV any time soon. We live in a new world now where Netflix coexists with YouTube (both of which are done at home and give us hundreds of thousands of options). The problem is, among all of those choices, there isn’t an overabundance of good quality family shows today. I want to change that. I demand better, family-friendly sources of entertainment for my kids.

I started a YouTube channel in 2007 because I thought it would be a good way to market a product I invented called The Pooter. Well, I didn’t really invent it. The whoopee cushion has been around since the 1920’s and another version of a “fart noise toy” was known in ancient Rome! My “Pooter” is really just air passing through a hole, thus producing a realistic fart sound.

It’s the classic, simple fart gag. The sound of it makes most people laugh, and yet it does so much more. As I began uploading comedy prank videos I realized quickly that I was doing more than just making something funny. I was filling a gap in the entertainment industry that needed to be filled. As I began searching through YouTube videos I realized that it was difficult to find content that I didn’t have to quickly turn down the volume (concerned that the kids were nearby).

Meanwhile, entire families were watching my videos together. I started getting recognized in public by people of all ages from small children (who wished I was their dad), to grandparents who wanted a picture with me and thanked me for providing clean comedy their whole family could enjoy together. It was then that I realized I’m doing something much bigger than I thought.

People were sending me emails and letters about how they were suffering from depression, cancer, or just having a bad day and somehow my silly videos made them feel better. I took a closer look at the Pooter I created and marketed, and I began to realize it’s power. I also started understanding that I was doing something very special. It felt amazing to make people laugh and hear that my content was actually helping them through difficult and in somecases unimaginable circumstances. I have always loved the power of entertainment in general.

The fact that music or words could make someone cry or laugh is astonishing to me. I want to continue producing content that families can enjoy together but I want to take it to a whole new level. You are my fans. The ones that make it possible for me to do this, so I want to take you with me on this journey to the second level.

They say that some users love you and some users love to hate you. It makes it hard to know who your true fans are when it’s all mixed up that way. That’s why I created the Jack Pack. For my true fans who share my vision to make the world a more family-friendly (AND FUNNY) place. Sexually harassing women, bullying people, and antagonizing cops are NOT pranks. Join with me in creating more content that YouTube and Television could use more of. Good, clean comedy.

Join with me and become a part of the pack today.

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